Siomone Caporale
Siomone Caporale



Taking inspiration from the ancient method of transporting liquids with leather vessels, Simone Carporale of the Artesian bar is currently aging a Boulevardier cocktail (Woodford Reserve, Martini Rosso, Martini Bitters) in a 40 litre leather wineskin. The inside of the skin is coated with juniper and pine oils/resin. It is currently being served with it’s flavor continuing to evolve while aging.

"The team at the Artesian bar, at the Langham Hotel, are world renowned for their experiments in cocktail creation. From barrel, glass and clay pot ageing to gimmicks involving aromas, incense smoke and mirrors, Simone Caporale and Alex Kratena have tried it all. So when they started looking around for the next evolution in cocktails and bartending they were forced to comb the depths of history. Jane Ryan-ClassMagazine


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